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Meet 10Beasts

In Q1 2016, we began 10Beasts as an in-house project. Within 4 months, our hard work drew in 20k monthly visitors. By December 2016, we exceeded 100k visitors and earned over $70k from affiliates in a single month. We persisted and in December 2017, we sold it for $500k+.


We took the business from $0 to $24k in monthly revenue.


The Average monthly traffic was increased to 120k+.


After 20 months of work, the site was sold for over $500k.

Our Approach

Keyword Research

Our team conducted a thorough keyword research process, utilizing various tools to identify a range of low-competition and high-competition keywords. We were able to uncover 10 primary keywords and over 50 semantic keywords, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful online presence.

Content Optimization

Armed with the keywords, we swiftly branded the site around tech, completed technical SEO tasks, and focused on content creation and optimization. Reverse engineering the top 20 Google SERPs, we aligned our content with user search intent, included relevant semantic keywords, and produced high-quality content that resonated with our target audience, yielding desired results.

Offpage Signals

We conducted an audit to ensure alignment, then focused on off-page optimization, acquiring backlinks and boosting social signals using advanced tools. The result? Organic traffic and revenue within four months, a testament to our commitment to excellence and results-driven approach.

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