Timeroid TechniqueDo you know, there is a hidden Google Ranking Factor and very fewer people know about it?

Even the Brian Dean didn’t cover that ONE factor in his 200+ Google Ranking Factors List.

That is one of the strongest factors and you can rock the first page of Google even without a single Backlink…

Other than that, you don’t even need to go deep inside the Keyword Research for that, the only thing you need to find out is the “Monthly Searches” and other basic things.

So, you might be wondering what is that Ranking Factor?

Just as it appears by its name, “TIMING“.

It simply means that start before others, break news first and reveal the things before others do. JUST BE QUICK.

Salman Baig is the first one to uncover this technique.

How the “Timeroid Technique” can help you to Outrank others?

Timeroid Technique is all about how soon you break out the news.

Obviously, if you are the first one, to reveal something, google will provide you the most value. Right?

So, that’s it…

Now it appears, “Timing” is one of the most neglected, underrated and hidden yet powerful Ranking factors.

Here’s the deal.

You will or may not earn a penny in your first year of building this micro niche site.


Because you are going to target the upcoming year, that way you will have no competition at the time of writing post and so Google will always prefer your site because you will be the first one to break the news.

Other than that, you can always be in Top 10, if you keep your content updated.

Let’s go deep with a simple Case Study.

In this case study, you will learn that how I made a micro Niche Site using Timeroid technique, earned $646 within 6 months of the time period and sold it for a hefty 4-figure.

Also, the best things about this case study are:

  • I paid only for the Domain and Hosting, nothing else.
  • No backlinks at all.

Firstly, Let me Introduce you to this Micro Niche Site

As I mentioned above, that I have sold that site already. So, I can’t reveal the URL of this website without my buyer’s permission :(

Although, I am going to reveal the stats and earnings.

Domain was registered back on October 13th, 2015 and the Niche was “Treadmills”.

As always, I installed StudioPress Genesis Theme and designed a Logo and added a Contact Page (No Legal pages or any about page)

Now the basic site was all set up.

It was time to add money articles, to which I added 1 lengthy article (word count: 3500+) on the homepage and created a comparison table on a new page.

Targeted keyword: Best Treadmills 2016 (I just want to remind you that I was writing that article in 2015 and was targeting a keyword of “2016”)

That’s what I call “Timeroid”.

Also, I added only 1 informative article, which was completely useless and never brought a visitor :)

In short, that Micro Niche site had only 4 pages indexed in Google, homepage (Money Article), Comparison Table Page, Contact Page and Only 1 Informative Article.

Google Indexed Pages

There was no competition at all for that year base keyword at the time of writing article.

So, that site quickly jumped on to the first page and started to rank in Top 5 within 1 week of publishing that money article.

Keywords Ranking
This screenshot was taken in March 2016

Surprisingly I got a sale in November 2015 and that was a Treadmill worth $1700+ and earned $72 as commission.

Also, I got 12 sales(not treadmills) in December earned $64.76

Micro Niche Site Earnings 2015 Screenshot

I have lost the Google Analytics Records/Screenshot but luckily found Verified Flippa Analytics.

Flippa Verified Traffic

According to them, I got

  • 27 Unique Visitors in October (The month in which I published the article)
  • 137 Unique Visitors in November
  • 410 Unique Visitors in December
  • 1327 Unique Visitors in January

No traffic record found of February and March as that listing was failed and the sale was delayed.

Now, the income stats of January to March are here…

treadmills earnings Jan to March screenshot

So, in total I made $510 from January to 9th of march.

From 10th of March, the site was in buyer’s hand and started to generate money to his account!

Is the site still Ranking or Not?

The buyer added 301 redirections on the money article and the comparison table to his authority site.

And his authority site is still ranking on all of the keywords in Top 5.

That means, YES! The site is still Ranking…

So, the conclusion is that this technique works like a charm.

And it works without backlinks.

Now without further ado, let’s dive in…

Keyword Research and Niche SelectionStep 1
Keyword Research

Like in every SEO Technique, the keyword research always come first.

But as I mentioned, for the Timeroid, you don’t have to go deep into keyword research.

You can choose any Niche, doesn’t matter what is the competition, because you are going to target the Upcoming Year and there will be low-to-no competition at the time of writing article.

While choosing Niche, just make sure that there won’t be too much competition later.

Things you need to analyze while keyword researching are:

  • What is the current competition?
  • How much “Monthly Searches” you are going to get

Now, you might be confusing that, how can you find the “Monthly Searches” for an upcoming keyword which might not have any record in Google Keyword Planner.

Well, let me clear you out with a simple example.

Suppose I am going to target the keyword “Best Treadmills 2017”.

So let’s start with step by step process for choosing that either we can rank on this keyword without backlinks or not?

#1 What is the current competition?

Now if I search this keyword Google, this is what I get:

Best Treadmills 2017 keyword in google screenshot

Flipboard ranking on the first position, Seriously?

2 Authority sites on 2nd and 3rd position which are not optimized for “2017” keyword, so they are not going to cause us any problem.

A facebook page and 2 newly created niche site under that… Wow

This is a winning deal, isn’t it? You can easily rank on this keyword only with On-Page SEO.

Now, let’s analyze the competition using Kwfinder.com

Kwfinder Competition analysis

Even Kwfinder has confirmed that this is a winning keyword.

So that means we can move forward to find the monthly searches.

#2 How much “Monthly Searches” you are going to get?

Alright, let’s move straight to the GKP, and insert our keyword.

And here are the results:

Google Keyword Planner Keyword Research Screenshot

Now, there is nothing strange here…

Nobody searches for this keyword, for now so, that’s why Google have no record of it.

To find an estimated record, we will have a look at the previous year keyword “Best Treadmills 2015”, why not the current year (2016), because you might be targeting the upcoming year very early so GKP will not have a full 12-month record of the current year.

So, that is why we will have a look at the previous year record.

Let’s see what we will get:

Previous year results from GKP

Bingo… So, you will easily get nearly 2900 monthly searches for your targeted keyword.

That’s all. Now let’s move towards publishing content.

Writing and Publishing Content for TimeroidStep 2
Publishing Content

There is no shortcut here.

If you seriously want to rank with only On-Page SEO, then your content must be Awesome and well optimized.

Here are some points which your content should follow

  • Minimum Word Count for Money Articles should be 3000 at least.
  • On-Page SEO (If you want to master the art of On-Page, here is a definitive guide)
  • Your targeted keyword must be in Title, First paragraph, h2 level heading and Image alt Tags.
  • Must include some external links to Relative High Authority Sites.
  • Don’t forget to include Internal Links to pass the link juice.

Seriously, you must cover each and everything mentioned above.

If you can’t do it, then I suggest you hire a Native US Writer for this job.

You can also have a look at my Previous Case Study for a better understanding of “Content Structure” and “On-Page SEO”.

There is nothing more here, let’s move towards Off-Page SEO.

Off Page SEO TechniqueStep 3
Off-Page SEO

Now, as I mentioned above that you really don’t require any backlinks to rank for this technique.

But ping your site and provide some social signals to get fast indexing and fast rankings.

#1 Getting Social Signals from Addmefast.com

Simply create an account there and get some credits.

Tweet your article and pin on Pinterest.

Add your Pin and Tweet on addmefast to get Retweets and Repins.

Have a look at the image below to get an idea.

Addmefast Repins

Just don’t over do it…

3-5 Repins and Retweets per day are enough.

#2 Ping your Site

Here is an online tool called IMT Website Submitter.

ping your site

Simply add your website URL and click on submit button. Just make sure to add a limit of “100” maximum.

It will ping your site from various online pinging tools.

It will not create any backlinks, but will help you in getting your articles index fastly.

#3 Link Building

YES, I mentioned that you don’t require links for this technique.

In fact, I didn’t build a single backlink for my “Treadmill” Site.

But if you can build then that is for your own good! Right?

So, don’t hesitate in building 4-5 web 2.0s and few other no-follow backlinks through comments.

That turns out you are all done and the only thing is left is to make sure that you always rank on Top!

And how you can do that? Keep Reading…

Keep the content UpdatedStep 4
Keep the content Updated

It is obvious that you won’t stick to #1 forever if you just post and forget…

If you want to maintain your rankings, you need to keep your content up to date.

Obviously, the best treadmills of 2017 will not be the best of “2018”, so what you will have to do is to add new products to the list and make sure you actually have some quality products.

Just make sure you follow these 3 simple points to keep your content up to date:

  • Keep adding newly launched products
  • Keep removing the old products which people don’t buy any more
  • Keep increasing the Word-Count every month or two

And just to remind you, Content Update is a Ranking factor…

Which means, google will love your site if you keep it up to date :)

Now, that was a 4-Step process which can help you to rank #1 without Backlinks.

If you are still unclear, let me help you with a Real-Time Example.

Let’s dive in…

Timeroid Technique: Real Time Example

Now you know about this awesome “Timeroid Technique” and it’s power.

Let’s have a look at Real Time Example…

If I google “best wireless routers 2017”, here is what I get:

upcoming keyword targeting

Of course, I am ranking on #1 :)

And yet on the 2nd position, there is someone who is following the Timeroid Technique…

Now, let’s see when he registered his domain and submitted the article…

domain whois details

I can’t find the exact date of his main article submission.

But a rough guess is the next month after domain registration which is: April 2016

So, I can say that he registered the domain in March 2016, submitted a very poor article in April 2016 and Ranking on #2 for a Keyword which will be very highly-competitive…

I think he just posted a rough content to start getting rankings and he will update his content soon before 2017.

Now let’s have a look at its backlink profile.

wirelessrouters.best backlinks profile


So, that’s all :)

Now, what do you think? Will this site keep ranking on #2? Or maybe in top 10 positions?

I think YES… Why? Because this guy is working on this keyword from April 2016 :)

Google knows that he is the first one to rank and google will keep this site there.. maybe not on #2 but it will keep ranking in Top 10 for “Best wireless routers 2017”.

However, the site requires few fixes in “Content Structure” and “On-Page SEO”.

Anyway, that’s all for today…

Now It’s your Turn!

It is your turn to implement Timeroid Technique before 2017.

Want to learn more Tactics? Join AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp.

Don’t forget to share your results with me…

Share this AWESOME Technique with your fellow friends.


  1. Amazing stuff, I really didn’t know about this technique before. Thanks for sharing!

    Though, there is one question I need to ask you. How early do you think one should publish the targeted article before reaching the next year? I mean, is there a specific timeline?

    1. As long as there is no-to-low competition, you can follow this technique.
      Anyway, I prefer to start working on it at least 3 months earlier :)

  2. Thanks for shared Lupman,

    That’s awesome strategy! With that people can make commission in the first month doing aff.

    Love the article,

  3. Hey, Luqman thanks for another fantastic post.

    I knew this was applied to movie download blogs etc. but didn’t know it works good for niche sites as well.

    Looks very easy and lucrative.


  4. Thank’s luqman. One question for you:

    For the update of the article, do you update before the new year PR after the new year ?
    Let’s say that I wrote an article in august, do I need to update it in September, October … Or just from the new year ?

    1. Nop, you don’t need to update it every month.. but just make sure keep updating it.
      I recommend updating every 3 months.

  5. Hey Luqman
    Just stumbled your blog from a facebook group, clicked and then didn’t stopped me from reading the whole methodology, seriously great techniques you have shared and yeah Salman is the 1st one who revealed this method but you did an outstanding job by writing this blog post.

    Hopefully, will learn more from you

  6. A friend of mine shared in a fb group.
    I was curious to know how to outrank without any backlinks.

    Yes, TimeRoid works great and Salman Baig had sone a lot with it. I learned it from him first.

    Thank you for such a great detailed post.

  7. Luqman, Really happy to see your results with the Timeroid technique. You have done an amazing job writing this piece of content, To the point and Explained well with live examples. Awesome buddy!

  8. Hey luqman very well research article, i will action on this rigth a way , keep posting things and thinks like this and you will be on the top of IM very soon.

  9. A great post indeed :)
    Just a question for you.
    Can we use the same web 2.0 network for multiple money sites? Or for different niche site different web 2.0 network?
    Best regards
    Kawser Ahmed

  10. So even though it’s only August can we already start targeting 2017 now? Will we have to wait until 2017 to make money then?

    1. Probably Yes…
      As I mentioned in the article above, that you may not earn a penny in your first year with this technique.

  11. Hi Luqman,

    What social media plugin/widget do you use for the left side of this page?

    Also, which one do you use at the top of the page?


    1. I am using Monarch for the floating icons and Genesis Share for inline social icons.
      However, genesis share works only with Genesis Themes. Cheers

  12. Excellent post Luqman,
    I liked the way you gave live examples and analyzed Page 1 results of Google to prove your point. I will definately try this on my site and share the results here and in the Cloud Living group.

  13. Awesome again, Luqman

    I have some questions

    – On January 2017, will you update your keyword and article to 2018?
    – When people search on Google, they will not searh keywords with the upcoming year. How can your article rank for that keywords? Example, your article is Best Treadmills 2016. Will your article rank for best treadmills?


    1. Hey Jackie,
      – No, Absolutely not… I will update the article to 2018 in December 2017.
      – People don’t search for the upcoming year for now, but they will search for “Best Treadmills 2017” in 2k17? Will not they?


        1. Hey buddy,
          People won’t search for “Best Treadmills 2017” in 2016, but they will search for it by the January 2017, Right?
          So, that’s the game… You will be already ranking for this keyword.

          Simple as that.

          1. Yes, Luqman
            I see that people only will search in Jan,2017.
            But if you build your niche site from August 2016, you wouln’t get traffic from August,2016 to December 2016. And from January 2017, authority site will update their content for 2017.

            I still don’t understand how can you get traffic with upcoming keywords.

            Sorry for my stuppid understanding.


          2. That is the deal buddy.
            You will not get any traffic in 2016, but when there will be January 2017, you will already on top.
            When other big sites will start to target this keyword, you will already be ranking and making money.
            And since, you will are the first one to target this keyword, Google will prefer you always and even it will be hard for authority sites to outrank you.

            If you go with normal strategy, I mean start targeting 2017 from jan 2017, do you think it will be easy?
            What if you write an article today on “Best Treadmills 2016”, do you think you can easily beat all of the sites which are on top for this keyword right now?
            NO, RIGHT?
            So, that is why you are preparing for tomorrow with TimeRoid technique.

            Hope you got it now :)

    1. Ahhh!
      I hope you were not using your Personal Twitter for this?
      BTW you must have overdone it?
      Never go for more than 5 Retweets/day…
      And also I forgot to mention, that don’t use your personal social accounts.

  14. It would be weird caused this great case study only received very little share :)

    Btw, thank you for your great post, Luqman. Keep up the good work!

    For keyword research, I just have a question, there are niches that have the kw “Best + XX” very much search volume, but the kw “Best + XX + 2016” is very less volume. For those niches, is it effective if we apply this technique cause very low search volume? Or just we simply move on and find another niche? Could you pls advise.

    1. When you will start ranking for a year base keyword, you will slowly start to rank for the base keywords too.

      For example: If you start to rank for “Best XX 2016” and you are getting good CTR and people are spending time on your article and bounce rate is low, google will understand that your content is worthy. So you will slowly start to get rank on “Best XX” as well.

      If you have read my case study on “10beasts.com”, then you might know that I was ranking #1 for “best wireless router 2016”, but now I am also ranking for “best wireless router” on #1.

      Things in SEO take time but will surely work!
      SEO is Just like Wine, it gets better with age my dear :)

      So here’s my advice!
      If search volume is low, don’t worry about that. Because you are not going to target only on that one single keyword… You will rank on way more keywords.
      So just go for “Best + XX + 2016”.
      Hope it helps. Cheers

      1. Hi Luqman,
        Greate post, I like your step-by-step article :)

        You wrote this: I was ranking #1 for “best wireless router 2016” —–> How can your article rank for #1 for “best wireless router 2017”, if you ONLY insert into it this sentece: “So, I hope both of these routers will make it to the top of our Best Wireless Routers 2017 List.” without any link to another page, where do write about best wireless routers 2017.
        1/ HOW can be this caused this one sentence?
        Did you change your keyword “Best Wireless Routers” in wp dashboard for this page?
        2/ What is now your KW for this article?

        3/ Is it possible to change KWs in wp-admin for time to time for the published and ranked articles?
        4/ In Dec.2017 how to going to set up – what will you change – your article “best-wireless-routers” for 2018?

        Many thanks for your answer. Betty

        1. Sorry for the late reply Betty.
          Your comments were in my Spam section.

          1. Because of my domain authority and links coming to my page. (And the exact match keyword in my content).
          2. I always analyze my KW Competition manually. I believe it is 60+.
          3. Yes, it is possible.
          4. I will simply replace “2017” with “2018” in the whole article, other than that, I will change the products order… I might add other products on top 3 positions.


    2. Because in this time you research this, it not a trend for this kw.
      You can check kw for 2015, 2016 trend. In 2017, it will be in the same.

  15. Awesome technique, Luqman.

    I’ve never heard of Timeroid before but it sounds like a fine method to assure your ranking on Google without working on backlinks (in return, you need to provide great content though!) I am gonna give it a try on my blog for a 2017 list of products.

    Will keep you updated on how it goes. :)

    Thanks for sharing!


  16. The guide is clear and make sense! I knew time is a very influential factor to Google but like others did not care it much. But from now no forgetto :)

    1. I am not using any plugin for this… I just added a small “HTML/CSS” code for that in WordPress “Text Editor” section.
      Although you can use “Thrive Content Builder” for this job if you don’t know coding.

  17. I learn a lot from your article, honestly. Thanks for that.

    I got one question, I’m new to this, and I wonder what is GKP that you mentioned up there?

  18. I noticed you put (Aug 2016) in your BEST WIRELESS ROUTER title! What if you keep changing this every month until new year (Jan 2017), do you think you can be still ranked #1 for KW 2017? or be outranked by that small site?

    My suggestion to your site: Please consider put a Back To Top button.

    Thanks for new technique,

  19. Hi Luqman ,

    I am glad that I have subscriber you newsletter :) , really enjoyed the article. I am using this strategy for all my niche site and its works 100% . That time I dont know the name of strategy lolzzz.

    Thanks to you :)

  20. Hi Luqman, another question please:

    In my niche, my competition is high ( my competitors are having 60-90 in Domain Authority ). Now i know for sure that they will publish an article targeting the same keyword ( Best “XX” “2017” ) in the next year.

    So my question is, will they outrank me when they will publish those articles ?
    They are super authoritative and I’m afraid that i get outranked by them even though i wrote my article in August 2016 !!

    Thank’s mate :)

    1. Hey Buddy,
      Definitely, they will write an article targeting keywords with “2017” and yes they will outrank you but not all of them.
      You will still rank on Page1, and if your on-page SEO is just PERFECT, they will never outrank you. Trust me.

      Just write a lengthy, engaging article with proper on-page SEO and you will be in top 5, no matter how much strong your competitor will be.

      1. Thank’s luqman,

        “Perfect SEO” is just following what is mentioned in Backlinko infographic ?
        I’m thinking about building some backlinks even though it’s not necessary to guarantee my place in the top 5 spots, what do you think ?

  21. Hello Luqman,

    I am newbie and that is what i am looking. Thanks for share step to step build $$$ site. Just learning and apply what you are done in the post.

    I have question for you. I am struggling to find good budget write. Let me know what you are paying US write and how to find them. And please share your tips. I tried UW but no success.


    1. I recommend you to join “Facebook Groups” similar to your niche.
      Example: If you are writing on “Paleo” than simply join paleo groups.

      Post a writing job offer there. You will get offers, simply give all of them an assignment and choose the one with the best submission.
      You might face issues in the start but guide your writer and he will be perfect for 2-3 jobs.

  22. Thanks for sharing this hidden gem to rank keywords before any others can even think about. Now i am going to make a list of money keywords and then i will apply ‘ The Great TimeRoid Technique’
    Thanks for sharing Luqman…

  23. Awesome guide!

    Really interesting to read and also new things I’ve learned in terms of tools and what they can do for your site!

    Did you use the imt website submitter for your 10 beasts as well?

    Thanks for this,


      1. Hi,
        may I ask you How much does it cost the IMT service per month? And the ADDMeFast service?
        Do they use with registration of different niche sites OR with personal registration?
        Thank you Luqman.

        1. Both are absolutely free.
          You don’t have to register for IMT but for AMF you have to.
          You need to generate credits in your AMF account first before starting your own campaign.

          Best of luck… :)

  24. Luqman thanks for the post. I just opted in fr ur newsletter. I read a lot blogs everyday buh I can confidently say urs is a bit different and I like it.
    One thing is I would like you to one day write a detailed post on how to on ” on how to write articles” as a blogger like yours. Would be cos I am finding it difficult when it comes to writing great content like you guys.

  25. Hi Luqman,

    You are really good at simplifying things! I spent more than an hour reading both articles. Some questions for you…

    1. You say in your post above: “Keep removing the old products which people don’t buy any more”

    Do you mean to delete the post? So if nobody buys “best 3d pen” then you would delete that post?

    2. You mentioned: “I think he just posted a rough content to start getting rankings and he will update his content soon before 2017.”

    Does it hurt rankings if you launch your site with crappy content (and then update with better content later)?

    1. 1. Nope, not the post, just delete that product from the post. If your post is about (Top 10 Products) and if there are few products in that list then delete those products by editing the article.
      2. Nope, if there is no competition, you can rank with crappy content but if there is competition then you will have a hard time ranking for it… But if there is no competition, you can start with low-quality content and make it better just before the right time.


  26. I have been using this technique before..
    So nothing new except you just informed everyone..about it.

    Even the big names would start doing it.

  27. Great information Luqman,
    now everybody will use the same technique and Google soon will change it’s algorithm. Use this technique while it works. Love this blog indeed, good job.

    1. This is the first time I’m hearing this, but a niche based website can easily outrank you even if he is late to cover up content as you do. Thanks for sharing

  28. Hi Luqman,

    Thanks for this informative post. Please, can you help some of us by writing a detailed post on how you do your own keyword research?

    Also, how do you check or monitor the placement of your website for a particular keyword, especially when you are not yet in the first page of google?


  29. Hi Luqman!
    I got to say, been reading a losts of SEO blogs but yours is just fresh air.
    Super informative and valuable.

    Regarding this technique I have one doubt:

    Let’s say I rank a couple of money articles for 2017.
    On January 2017 I start getting some traffic and rankings.
    But what happens if my site still doesn’t have any backlinks and authoritative update their content to the same year.
    Wouldn’t they outrank me with a bigger backlink profile targeting the same keyword?


    1. Yes, your rankings will surely decrease, but you will not go out of page 1.
      And if you do some efforts on link building, those big giants will not be able to rank you out.

      Just try it for once! Nothing will teach you more better than your own experience.


  30. Hi Lugman,

    Thank you for sharing this secret, I always find your methods to be extremely brilliant.

    I have few questions if you don’t mind.

    1. Instead of using Addmefast, can I use http://quuupromote.co/ to promote the new article? Somehow I could not finish the confirmation to start using addmefast. If keeps showing confirmation error.

    2. How would you do in this case? You already have an article named “Best cordless lawn mower for very small yard” and you found that the keyword “best lawn mower 2017” to be potential. Would you:

    a. publish a totally new one target the keyword

    b. change the title “”Best cordless lawn mower for very small yard” to “Best lawn mower 2017”, adding other types of lawn mowers (corded, gas, etc) to make it the ultimate buying guide for lawn mower, and change the url: .com/best-cordless-lawn-mower to .com/best-lawn-mower.

    If b, do we need to 301 redirect the old url to the new one?


    Also, if you have time, could you please share with us your plan or strategy to target the Christmas, Black Friday time?

    Thank you very much, Lugman :)

    1. Thanks Jane…

      1. Yes you can.
      2. I will edit my article and optimize it for the new keyword.
      3. I don’t target events at all.

      Cheers :)

      1. Hi Luqman,

        Thank you for your reply. Just to confirm for the 2nd answer – that is you will also change the url (from com/best-cordless-lawn-mower to .com/best-lawn-mower) and the title as well, right?

        Again, thank you very much. I’m looking forward to the next awesome post! :)

  31. Hi Luqman Khan,

    I’m looking to build amazon niche site and for that, I’m reading too much about building amazon site. I just stumble your interview from niche related group from Facebook and from there I’m here.

    This is the best technique. But I have a Question.

    As google keyword planner are not showing result accurately now and with that many tools are working same. So would you suggest any other free and paid tool.

  32. Hi Luqman, I’ve following TimeRoid techniques from last 2 years and I’m targeting event blogging and it really works with EMD domains.

    Your detailed article with case study is just mind blowing and very informative for me :)

    1. Hi Luqman,
      may I have a newer question, pls?

      How did you choose the domain name in 2015 for your sold – simple (4 pages) – treadmills website?
      Did you use/buy a/ (EMD) the targeted kw “Best Treadmills 2016” as domain OR
      b/ did you choose a different – longer – domain without the kw?
      IF b/ what is your strategy for it?

      What is the best choice for domain name for similar micro niche with some pages in order to be ranked as #1?

      Thank you so much for your answer, Luqman.

      1. Hey Betty,
        Any domain name would work. Just make sure it’s a new domain and never registered before.
        EMD would work way better than branded domains.
        I recommend you to go for EMD.


  33. Hi Luqman,
    if to look on SERP of “Best Wireless Routers 2017” keyword, then there are some resources already optimized for this keyword. but anyway you are on the top. could you explain, why is it so?

  34. There is some great info in this site. Some of the techniques used for affiliate sites are pretty clever although not entirely unknown. The amount of niche markets you can enter are millions with this method and you can just keep churning the sites out. What would you pay for a decent 500 word article and what do you use for your top 10 list in table format.

  35. Hi, so, looking at the graph, it all looks great from October/November then through to January and february the next year but there is a steep decline in sales from March to minimal levels… you said this is because “the money was going straight to his account”… had he simply come out of thew amazon service,or had the keywords lost their rankings dramatically in march for the rest of the year – just trying to figure out this method

    1. Hey buddy,
      The buyer was an affiliate investor and had an amazon affiliate account already.
      In fact, I replaced all of my affiliate links from his links.

      So, in results, the earnings in the march was only from the first 9-10 days.

      1. Ahh got ya thanks. So in reality sales continue in through the year as long as the posts stay updated etc. Thanks so much for sharing this. Great site!

  36. I think the site will rank top quickly but it is easy drop ranking because I think IM tool is a auto backlink tool . That’s mean spam backlink . I think website will be penalty by google

    1. Nah, the site didn’t drop any rankings.
      The buyer was an affiliate investor and had an amazon affiliate account already.
      In fact, I replaced all of my affiliate links from his links.

      So, in results, the earnings in the march was only from the first 9-10 days.

  37. Hi,

    First, thanks for sharing awesome article.

    Second, may I know what genesis child theme you might use for your micro niche site?

    Finally, may I use genesis child theme such as parallax pro theme, atmosphere pro theme or digital pro theme for this technique?

  38. Hey Luqman, thanks for the great article. Small question…

    1) I was just wondering if October might be too late to try this tactic as there is only 3 months left of the year?


    1. Hey, buddy :)
      Thank you very much.

      No, I suggest you buy an EMD, and start it. It is not late yet.
      In fact, EMDs works way better with this technique.


  39. Hey Luqman, thanks for the reply, if I was going for a site for say best treadmills, would the name besttreadmillsexpert still help as it is almost an exact match? I will share this page as it’s good info, cheers

    1. Hey Sean,
      If you want to create a micro niche site, then it is a good choice.
      Although, if you are going to create an authority site, then no.


  40. Hi Luqman, could this technique work if I just start a new site? Or should the site be at least 3 month old? Thanks

  41. Hello , Luqman Khan
    Fantastic information! Thanks a lot!

    Where do you recommend to order articles , normally i use iwriter , but now i see that quality become worth and i need to find solid alternative


  42. I do think you can take this post down …..
    Too much competition will make this idea not working anymore.

    I use this idea since 2008 ;)

  43. Thanks you so much for awesome articles on nichpie. There’re so much things I have to keep in mind.
    Hope to learn more from you in the future. Keep up the great work!

  44. I love your techniques Khan and I am going to put them to practice. This was way too much resources in one page and I really do appreciate your effort so far.

    I have bookmarked this page for further reference. Thanks

  45. I wonder if I can use this technique now? Since I am new to affiliate blogging. I have been following this site thoroughly and have found very valuable stuff from here.

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